Schedule at a glance


Schedule at a glance

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9-10 am PST

Land Acknowledgement, Opening, and Keynote

10-11 am PST

1- Student Award Winners & “The Unknown”

2 -  Indigenous

3 - Online teaching

Metaphysics of Knowledge: Belief systems and Their Relation to Art as a Way of Knowing.

Teaching Art Education about Indigenous Cultures within Ontario and Manitoba.

Artistic Inquiry in a Post-Secondary Online Classroom: Isolation and Connection.

Korean Chaekgeori Paintings: A Research-Creation Approach to Intercultural Art Education and Heuristic Thinking.

Art as Gift in a Post/Pandemic World: Towards De-Colonizing Practices in Making and Teaching

Collaboration as Pedagogy.

Conceptual Framework for Navigating the Unknown.

In Fontaine’s footsteps: Student Visual Essays Tackle the Difficult History of Canada’s Indian Residential Schools


11-12 PST

4 - Museum

5 - Place consciousness

6 - Posthuman

A Pedagogical Reflection on an Alternative Museum Engagement.

Inviting Truth and Reconciliation Through Visual Imagery in Indigenous Children's Literature.

Art Education, Artificial Intelligence and Democracy through a Posthuman Lens.

Making Art at Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Instagram, Young Visitors, and Museum Collections.

Landscaping the City at a Community Art School: Lessons Learned from Two Online Eight-week Classes.

Art, Pedagogy, and Posthuman Energy/ies.

Transnational Seminar I; Transnational Seminar II: Art; Action in the Public Domain

Making-Place through Installation Art: Did We Ever Leave the Exhibition?

Troubling Intersectionality and the Potential of Critical Posthumanism in Arts-Based Research in Education.

12-1 pm PST

7 - Art Making

8 - Decolonizing

9 - Digital

A Creative Self-care Zine for Teachers: A Collaborative Verb In/action.

Unpacking the Canon Within: A Pathway to Decolonizing through Phenomenological Art Inquiry.

Digital Visual Learning Networks: Pan-Canadian Case Studies of Young Creators.

Art Education Classrooms that Support Creativity.

Unsettling Family History: Decolonization with Cartographic Tapestry.

Exploring the Concept of Arrival with Slow Motion Video.

Quand l’art alimente la quête de sens adolescente : le regard de l’éducation holistique / When Art Feeds the Adolescent Quest for Meaning: The Perspective of Holistic Education.

Unsettling with Soil: Visual Land Acknowledgements in Places of Public Pedagogy.

If You Give a Kid a Talent (They'll Need Some Opportunity to Go With It)

Grad student social time!



Zoom 1

Zoom 2

Zoom 3

11-12 PST

Pre-conference Social & AGM

12-1 pm PST

10 - Walking

11 - EDI

12 - STEAM

Walking and Dwelling: Creating an Atelier in Nature.

Practicing empathy to enhance inclusion. 

Art Education in STEAM: A Curriculum Windfall or Meagre Program Pickings?

Walking with Eros: An a/r/tographic Inquiry on Matter, Reciprocity and Love.

Straight Off The Canvas - A Documentary of Accessible Art

Crafting Science through Transdisciplinary Collaboration. 

Walking with Water: Re/Making Places and Relations through Artistic and Pedagogical Actions.

The Art Hive as a Metaphor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives.

Teaching Through Learning: Art and Science Symbiosis. 

1-2 PST

Graduate symposium (Across three rooms, see the following table for details)

2-3 PST

13 - Social/political

14 - Social justice

15 - Material

Applying Art Education skillsets in Local and National Climate Action Networks for Activist Community Building 

Revisiting our Relationship to Plastic: A Graduate Student Peer-led Slow Design Project.

21st Century Winter Journey: Exploring Comics, Adaptation and Community Art Education

COVID-19 Anxiety: A Creation Research Project.

The Helmet Project: How High School Students Addressed Social Justice Issues through Painting on Helmets.

Promenade with Matter: Materiality of Body and Material Shared through Artistic Practice.

How Ann-Other Dream Becomes Real: Researching Social Accountability through Arts Integrated Research 

Visual Priority: Undermining Unconscious Bias Through Formal Analysis.

The Artistic Thinking Model and Embodied Cognition.

3-4 PST

Awards Ceremony and Closing Remarks

5-6 PST

Screening: Straight Off the Canvas - A Documentary of Accessible Art

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1-2 PST

Graduate symposium 1

Graduate symposium 2

Graduate symposium 3

Developing Perceived Feelings of Personal Competency to Teach Visual Arts in Pre-service Generalist Teachers

Deep Thought/Deep Hangouts: Dialogue as Purposeful Pause in Artful Making 

Du récit-photovoice à la plate-forme Flickr comme mode d’expression artistique sur l’enjeu social auprès d’adultes immigrantes en apprentissage du français langue seconde.

Enseigner dans ses valises: Pratiques, conceptions et précarité

Insights from Art Making During a Global Pandemic: A Personal Phenomenological Inquiry

Développement des compétences citoyennes des élèves au secondaire : conception d’outils de médiation numérique

Space as Keyword, Framework and Method: Finding Threads Across Research, Artistic and Pedagogical Practice

L'atelier ensemble

Ethical Encounters with the Other in Media Arts

Tapestry of Migration: an a/r/tography about Feminine Latin-American Resilience

The Artistic Process and Failure: Perspective from the Artist as Student and Teacher

Pèlerinage artistique en réalité augmentée pour des élèves du secondaire

The Physical Manifestation of My Invisible Purple Jumpsuit

Visualizing Violence and Fear through Clay